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Sumatra Organic Italian


Sumatra (Organic-Italian) Coffee

Most Sumatran coffee is wet hulled.  Wet hulling is unique from natural processing methods used in other parts of the country.  Wet hulling is used here because Sumatra only has a few hours of dry weather typically on any given day.  When coffee is wet hulled the farmers remove the skin from the coffee immediately after picking using home made machine.  The beans are stored in bags overnight partially drying them.  After this the coffee is typically shipped to warehouses where the drying process is continued, and the parchment is removed.  Finally the beans are shipped to a port city and dried a third time.

Sumatran coffees are known for their fill body and low acidity.  This Sumatran is Italian roasted bringing the beans oils to the surface, reducing acidity and bringing out bittersweet tones.


Regular is Organic

Decaf is Water Processed

Weight 1 lbs

Regular, ** DECAFFEINATED **


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